Our Curriculum

Toddler Program (15 months- Three- Year Olds)

Our Toddler class focuses attention of developing large and small motor skills, activities for enhancing the child's sense of independence and empowerment, social skills and the development and expansion of verbal language. 

Practical Life:              Taking Care of Self/ Taking Care of the Classroom/ Grace & Courtesy Skills / Control of Movement

Sensorial:                    Sizes, Shapes, Colors / Texture, Temperature, Weight / Smelling, Tasting, Feeling / Sound Discrimination


Language:                   Phonics, Sounds / Sandpaper Letters / Matching & Sorting / Vocabulary Building / Stories, Songs, Poems / Picture Cards / Feeling Objects, Shapes, Letters


Number Concepts:      Counting Activities / Sandpaper Numbers / Number Recognition / Ordering of Numbers


Also:                            Toilet Training Readiness / Science Activities / Large Motor Development / Art Activities / Music

Primary Program (Three – Six-Year Olds)


In our Primary classes, social development comes naturally.  Each child is free to work independently or in small groups, and is able to choose from a large variety of manipulative materials.  The teacher is a guide, moving about the class giving academic and social lessons, stimulating interests, introducing new materials and concepts, and periodically stepping back to observe the growth and progress of the children.


Practical Life:    Care of Person / Care of Environment / Grace & Courtesy Skills / Control of Movement / Food Preparation


Sensorial:         Sizes, Shapes, Colors / Texture, Temperature, Weight / Smelling, Tasting, Feeling / Sound Discrimination


Language:         Reading & Writing Skills / Phonics / Word Building / Grammar / Drama / Storytelling


Mathematics:   Counting Activities / Number Recognition / Writing Numbers / Decimal System / Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division / Fractions / Simple Money / Measurement / Telling Time


Also:                 Geography Materials / History Materials / Botany Materials / Science Activities & Experiments / Art Creativity, Exploration & Appreciation / making Music & Music Appreciation / Small & Gross Motor Development Skills, Spanish


Lower Elementary Program (Six – Nine-Year Olds)


The six – nine-year old children are in the most intellectually active period of their life.  Specially designed materials allow the child to explore concepts in the various areas and to move toward abstraction.  This age child is a researcher and a diligent explorer, using increased powers of reason and imagination. The Elementary classroom is set up for and provides for this exploration and research in a safe and supporting environment.


Mathematics:    Algebra / Fractions / Decimal System / Basic Operations / Measurement / Geometry – Study of Lines, Angles & Polygons / Systems of Numeration / Memorization of Facts / Problem Solving


Language:         Reading / Cursive Writing / Spelling / Creative Writing / Poetry / Literature / Grammar / Drama / Library Skills / Research / Memory Games


Cultural:           Geography – Universe, Solar Systems, Earth / History – Needs of Man / Zoology – Animal Kingdoms / Anatomy / Astronomy / Ecology / Geology – Geologic Time


Weekly:            Computer / Physical Education / Music / Art & Art Appreciation / Foreign Language


Social, Emotional & Moral Development through: Manners / Role Playing / Listening Skills / Heart Talks / Sharing / Limits / Class Agendas / Community


Special Events:  Field Trips / Educational Videos / Holiday Functions / Birthday Walks